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If you were on our side , we are sure that you want to make the game easier in a Hay Day, and carefully looking for an application through which you can significantly speed up development ? We can satisfy you and call ahead , look no more ! The right place , this is a good place because we just want to offer you such a tool which will surely make you the weight of joy, and even your friends. Since you 're already here ... Can I ask you a question ? Tired of boring games ? If so , that's great because I happen to be not much divides you from the obligation to be even the best player in the world. With us achieve the things manually and one by one you would never reached . For us, it was also once impossible - Today our amazing tool it is perfectly possible without any problems , and most importantly, no one will ever know because everything has been programmed to not detect the creators of the game. Users who have played this game on systems such as Android, iOS, Facebook, or any other , we had this little doubt. We wanted to create something that will allow us to zmieszcznie generator around in one application . Because making a separate app for each system is not difficult for us , but we like to challenge themselves !
After several month struggle ... we were able to accomplish this, it really is a great success , because it is our first so huge project that has managed to achieve in spite of many obstacles. It's not just the side that wants to offer you a false application ... It's more than just a page with applications to generate value in the game! Here you will find valuable tips on the game , our own reviews , and updates that are planning to game developers . In other words - You will find everything that is related to this very game!
We work for very large companies. Relax, also earn a lot for you because we want to make it as best you better. Just what is our passion and after hours doing these things for many years. For us, it is not surprising , if not met someone such as My , you have a first opportunity to see that in this world are still good people ! It is possible that this site is very simple and it is very much napchanego text. Nevertheless , we believe that below you can find very interesting manuals , guides and tips for this game. If you've been playing a lot of time in this game - you do not have to read them but users who are just getting started with this game , they certainly are useful. In the end, we know the ins and outs of this game for many months, and there is no strange thing for us or strangers. Unlike others, we offer our users the proof of the application , from the time we turn a movie but we have to go on the bigger servers because at the moment we do not have the money to post here because all videos consume a large amount of the transfer and our servers are quite small .

hay day cheat tool proof

How to see here above , the appearance of our program is very professional, friendly to the eye , very colorful. Our graphic design prepared for a very long time specifically for pattern games that you can reach even more fun to use our services . We are convinced that at the very sight of you liked it and now you want to have it! But this is not a problem, we can provide you with all of this in a moment , it's just up to you when you press the button " Download" . Many people ask us about whether it ever disappears from the internet because of too many downloads . I can answer this way: We do not plan to ever remove from the Internet that we want the players to have with us the best and could get to enjoy all of this as long as possible ! Tired of paying for Coins and Diamonds ? We also had enough of this so thanks to Hay Day Hack tool you can generate yourself on your phone , tablet or facebook account on any number of arbitrary values ​​as you want , when you want ! Breaking all the limits of the game Hay Day! Already ucieszyłeś right? But surely you are concerned that your account will be banned because of the excessive amount of Coins , Diamonds by generating huge amounts ? It's you explain how it all works and on what basis is carried out. Each connection that comes with the application connects to the proxy server, allowing the generation of value is anonymous and employees who check whether everything you earn by hand and not cheating , is not the case that they have discovered something disturbing on your account . In short - There is no possibility that your account has been banned , everything is buttoned up the last button . All thanks to the fact that it has been prepared by true professionals . 100% secure , your account will never be banned !
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Hay Day Hack

 is not just the application itself , but also additional instructions in the package for the use of the tool. There are both manual version of the text , and video . Assembled every detail by the best video makers . Reader that was used in the video lessons in several languages ​​, these versions are: French, Spanish, Portugaliski , English, Chinese and many others. See? More and more convincing to our credibility is not it? And very well , that's what we want . We want to collect as much an elite group of the best players in the history of  Hay Day. You have a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to become one of the very elite people. Published here are also clippings of the games , photos, players who become the best by us and many many more interesting things . The website which redirects to download the file there is a special scanner that scans the file before downloading the file , if it is clean and safe for your computer 100 %. We provide you the tool version . APK through which you can directly install Hay Day Cheats on your phone, tablet , smartphone or any other mobile device . The application window I adapt automatically to the screen resolution of mobile , so the use of it is very nice and does not cause a problem for anyone , and if you sought in the problems of our guides , or advice of a specialist, because unless you know that for people who downloaded the app which is a free support can help 24/7 . Such an offer unless you really will not find anywhere .

Complete instructions on how to use the Hay Day Hack Tool

1. Start the app called Hay Day tool.exe
2. Connect your device to the computer on which the game is installed ( If you connect to Facebook - skip step number two ) .
3. After the appearance of the program window , you are in a tab which is called Connect , here select the system you possess mobile (Android , iOS ) or when you connect to Facebook you just specify your email address which you have registered for an account on this site and then press the button Connect and are connecting . At this point, the bottom loading green bar , if he will come to an end and will see a message that the connection was successful , you will be automatically redirected to the Select Items tab .
4. Once the previous steps have been performed correctly and are in the Select Items tab , you can choose here what values ​​you want to add to the game ( Coins and Diamonds ) and in what quantity you want to add ( Unlimited, add as many as you want) . Once you have chosen what you want, you can press Hack! Which will automatically start the process of adding value to the game. Generally, it takes 30 to 60 seconds . If all values ​​are added successfully and the green bar at the bottom that is loading is finished - will show a message that everything went well .
5. Once the above steps have fulfilled, and the message about the successful completion of the addition you have published, you can close the app and the device that you have connected to your computer, you can disconnect.
6. Enjoy!

Our private review on the game Hay Day

The game at first glance seems to be another boring and unnecessary copy , which again steal our precious time on milking cows. Meanwhile , however, is different - and very well . Just a few moments from the first run the game start to discover new , not used in previous games things. This is not a drastic change on the basis of the principles of classical a farming game , but very smart and fun entertaining us the game .

The rules of the game Hay Day are rather similar as in other games of this type, even entry feature may seem very similar , and some already familiar from previous games : the hero lives in the city , and suddenly one day receives a letter from his uncle that he gives him its economy . Once we get there , we find the standard ugly and unkempt barn and warehouse and our only friend is a scarecrow. Despite the fact that it 's really starting from scratch , our financial situation and the economic spins rapidly , and Scarecrow gives us very valuable advice at every step. In the end, we begin to create their first farmland, build a bakery , we place no chicken coop and breed their chickens.

Very soon going to pay attention to the use of the mechanism " Swipe " . This means that we use our finger to drag things around the screen of our device and not just a classic point out places . When you sow your land , first select the type of plant (at the beginning it is only wheat) and just cross the after so many parts of the field, how many we want. Of course , that sometimes we have too much horsing around and banked a lot of seeds, but very quickly the bulk solution becomes convenient for us . Already after a few hours of playing , it's hard to imagine that you would be doing things in a different way !

The general game mechanics consists of three according to me the most important factors : coins , levels of experience and production chains . We start as a novice with only a few buildings , but if we perform basic operations , it will allow us to advance at an amazing pace and expand your horizons . Sowing and picking corn and turning it on bread , then gain experience points , almost as if all the other activities performed by us - even when we blow the air stones that litter our land . After a few minutes of the start of play we get access to new buildings, and after they have placed things start to really complicate things . Hens eggs only endure if we feed them - and to create a feed mill we need is that the transformation for us the seeds of grain and corn. These two materials are also useful to us for various pastries if only we had a bakery. To sum up, so you'll need to choose what they spend. Basic plants grow us max. 2 minutes - but only begins the stairs , when you want to produce popcorn with butter, hamburger , pumpkin pie , sugar syrup or tinted blue shirt, and to prepare a feed for pigs and sheep. Advanced intermediates and normal products not only require many ingredients, but also the total preparation time - it is usually very long. Receiving cakes with raspberries takes up a total of ten hours from the time when we plant a fruit bush . Fun is very complex and elaborate , but as always, the question remains - what is it?

Hay Day drives , of course, nothing else - money . Money is needed to create new buildings. We need to know that the hen house costs us only a few coins on the grill will need a few hundred a loom to create fabrics that cost a few thousand! Unfortunately, like in real life, money does not grow on trees. But we certainly have a few ways to make them - and fortunately that none of them is to carry out microtransactions .

The most basic way to get rich is to carry out orders from the people that leave on our plate . Always rely on the delivery of a specified number of one or more products . The creators of this game well prepared this element array can be seen very nicely and clearly , including the green tag , which allows us to realize that we have collected enough stuff to carry one of the orders . After clicking on the icon delivery , our truck hits the road to the customer with the goods and returned to us with cash . Our products are also trying to sell our neighbors who have personally visited our farm . The only thing you need to do is click on them to see what they have requested and consider whether we want to fulfill them . For the first time it's really specific source of income , but in the future they bring too little income disproportionate to our needs.

And then it comes to us a super fantastic in-game running a shop, but between players. We can throw out there to stall any products , then determine their price and quantity (although a minimum price and a maximum determined automatically plays , for example, can issue only 10 eggs for no more than 180 coins ) and wait until it is us that some merchant . Contrary to appearances , the merchants come to us very quickly , of course, if our price is not very high. In addition, if we use the ads in the local newspaper , then other people can be enticed to us, our profile , and before I choose the advertised product - see everything we have available in the store .

That's what I think distinguishes the game Hay Day from other games - fun continues here also at high levels. Initially, our goals are small and look forward to the hundred -earned coins on a number of hen's eggs . Then the mass- produce a more lavish products , we play in helping other farmers , we focus purely decorative elements or collect a special currency that allows us to expand your territory or purchase of animals such as dogs , horses or cats . We can also renovate the abandoned dock . We encourage you in this way, floating down the river ship that will dock every day in our harbor and took a large amount of our various goods. Taking " water " order requires that we launch a game day from a dozen to several dozen times, but it will provide us useful rewards . But beware ! This is not the end of our review and attractions in this game! From time to time, the creator of this game add special events and offers , for example, double the total for the executed order or shorter flowering and ripening vegetables. It is our opinion the ideal motivation to play.

Examples of ways to get rich in the game

We know several ways to quickly earn coins. Each of these methods is , of course, their advantages and disadvantages . The first method is to buy them at the market . And even now we have the first problem, because if someone will issue one of these items , it is usually someone else will be able to buy it before we have time to buy it. Thus, we can count on our luck , or just get there on time on time. Another , simpler way of heaven is ordinary wheat hay . Certainly zdążyliście noted that sometimes when harvesting occurs in addition to the points you to come across such boards, nails or tape. Wheat grows up to two minutes so that way we can get up to 30 different items per hour . Captured objects can be used to expand our storage or removal of trees or ponds of our sites . It is much better to put them on the market . For every one board can receive a maximum of 270 coins . More expensive are the tools to expand the area. Each of these tools can sell for about 410 coins . There is no secret that the diamonds in this game are the most valuable currency. We would like to remind you that our Hay Day Hack Tool you can have an unlimited number of these diamonds. But it is thanks to them we can accelerate the performance of various activities and buy goods that we are missing at the moment . The most popular way to acquire a diamond is simply buying them for real money ( in terms of microtransactions seen in games free to play ) , but of course there are other better ways to get them - for example, to generate each of our wonderful app .

Hay Day is in our opinion one of the best games when it comes to farm. There is a version designed for iOS devices, ie devices from Apple (iPad, iPhone) as well as a platform based on Android. Very pleasant to use and incredibly intuitive inferejs and decent graphics are further attributes that encourage other players to move to the virtual world of agriculture. The creators put considerable emphasis on the performance of individual actions using gestures. Unlike other games, here you can plant growing our finger movements, so that everything we are doing much better, faster, and most importantly better. The situation is similar when it comes to picking our earlier sown crops. We believe that this is a fairly exhaustive review about this game and many people and players helped - that we're pretty sure 100%.

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